Brett Farve

What kind of paper would the Tribune be if there wasn’t a sports section. Now, I live in mid-Michigan so the sports post may tend to be slightly geographically biased, but I’ll try to keep a national perspective for you. Now lets get to the goods.

Message boards across the sports world are aflame with controversy after 40 year old quarterback Brett Favre  renounced his earlier retirement announcement so he could come back and take one more crack at the Super Bowl with the Minnesota Vikings. Now, I would be surprised and interested, if this wasn’t the third time in as many seasons Favre has pulled this stunt. No one is denying that Favre is a great QB and gives the Vikings their best shot at winning it all, but people are getting a little frustrated by the diva-y nature of Favre, among other superstars. See this ESPN article if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

In any case, Favre is back and the Vikings go from decent team, to true contender. Packers fans will be forced to watch their former attempt to win the biggest trophy in American football with their fiercest rivals. Everyone else will be forced to continue to care. Either way, Favre has said he is done for sure after this year. Seeing is believing Mr. Favre.

Here is the press conference on the NFL Network for those that are interested.

And here is his first retirement.

Couldn’t find the Jets retirement. Feel free to post a link if you can find it and I’ll update the post.

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